Let's go to Ternate

Ternate – Tidore


Ternate is ‘the entrance’ of the ​​Halmahera sea, North Maluku, Indonesia, which is also, The center of the world's coral triangle, 468 species of hard corals recorded to be found in 24 sites. There are approximately 185 species within one site, which means that it is the largest population of hard coral species that found within one site in the world. Raja Ampat (West Papua, Indonesia) recorded to have only 131 species or site. Bunaken (North Sulawesi, Indonesia) has 155 site. The 2 sites (Rao Island and Ngele Ngele Reef in Morotai, North Maluku) reaches over 250 species / site. What amazing coral species diversity exist within the Halmahera Sea!

Diving in Ternate is very easy, because the dive sites located on the side of the highway in the center of the city (shore dive), very suitable for underwater macro photographer, may expect no less variety of nudibranch than Lembeh (North Sulawesi) and Ambon (Maluku Island) . At Ternate’s city dive site, other than fish and small creatures like crab, shrimp, nudibranch, mandarin fish, frog fish, divers can also see Km Pari Wreck . one of the shipwreck on depth of 12-20m, also 3 buses that serve as a fish house. At night you can see the endemic fish of Walking Shark (walking Shark / Hemiscyllium Halmahera).

At the south of Ternate using boat dive about 20 minutes from the city, in Kota Janji (town of Promise) , there is a divesite that has a very unique bottom structured , has some big pinacles , and mini cave found in depth of ± 27 m and exit at 30 m. Also wall filled with colorful small fish, and sharks, stingrays, nudibranchs are also often can be found in here.

In North Ternate we can dive at Hiri Island, at this site we can find large population of barakuda schooling, dugong, dolpin, reef shark, turtle, and have wall with exceptional visibility of 30-40 m. However Hiri Island has a relatively strong current. For those who do not enjoy dive in current can dive in black sand-Sulamadaha and Jikomalamo with white sand, has a dense coral garden, soft coral, turtles, bumphead scholling, and other pelagic fish.

In Tidore, you can dive on Failonga Island which takes about 40 minutes from Ternate, which is located between Tidore Island and Halmahera Island. It has a diverse large seafans and snapper fish hordes, fusiliers, sweetlips, and sharks. In addition to Filonga Island, you can also dive on Maitara Island and Tanjung Rum, which has solid and very hard coral cover with colorful reef fish such as butterfly, damsel, anthias, wrasse and many more.